Tips and Tricks for Choosing Interior Paint Colours

When it’s time for a home interior painting, every homeowner wants the best. In this regard, lots of people try to find the best interior paint colours. Of course, the quickest way to choose is to start with the colours you love.

In turn, you won’t have to follow the traditional interior colour schemes. As a result, you can easily make a custom interior colour combination and build your decoration around it. With the help of a professional paint contractor, you’ll soon sit pretty in your freshly-painted HDB or condo flat. Here’s how to pick interior paint colours:

Find Interior Paint Colours as Inspiration

With the power of new technologies, you have the ultimate source of inspiration. There’s an endless number of interior paint colours online for you to explore. Besides, there are plenty of magazines, catalogues, and paint company sites that will help you in your quest.

Typically, you’d want to visit social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram for fresh interior paint colour ideas. Perhaps, Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration. Best of all, you can store all of them in one spot.

Come up With Interior Colour Schemes with the Colour Wheel

On the other hand, there are some necessary steps to choosing interior paint colours. Of course, you don’t have to study colour theory to pick the right interior colour combination. You can quickly generate various interior colour schemes using a colour wheel.

In turn, this inexpensive tool will show you how colours relate to each other.

Play Around with Interior Paint Colours

Even if you choose neutral interior paint colours, that doesn’t mean they have to be laid-back. In other words, you can revamp your home interior painting project while preserving its relaxed feel.

Use Print Fabric

Another easy way to pick interior paint colours is to use print fabric. Your throw pillows, bedding, and even table linens will give you some smart interior paint colour ideas.

Usually, you’d want to use bold colours in print for an accent wall. On the other hand, you should choose the colour in the small details for larger spaces. If you’re having trouble deciding which tone to use, you can take a fabric swatch to the paint store or paint company.

Take Interior Paint Colour Ideas from Nature

If you’re looking for timeless interior colour schemes, you can take inspiration from nature. Bringing the outdoors inside has always been a popular way of coming up with interior colours. Indeed, you can choose from foliage green to laid-back beach blue tones.

Whatever your choice, your home interior painting project will look restful and relaxing. Just be sure to sample your picks at all times of the day for a realistic view of your options.

Create an Interior Colour Combination Using Your Artwork

If you hire an interior designer, he’ll quickly find attractive interior colour schemes in your artwork. Indeed, the secret to the perfect interior colour combination for your home may be hanging on your walls.

Since interior designers are masters of colour and light, they can easily pick up some ideas from your favourite artwork. What’s more, they will use complementary interior colours from the same piece of art to create an interior colour combination.

Consider Historical Colours

Sometimes, timeless has a more literal meaning. In this regard, you can ask your paint company or painting contractor to suggest historic paint colours. Several leaders in the paint industry have such collections.

Ultimately, you can use them as inspiration and tailor them to your style. For example, Benjamin Moore has a few classics that would fit perfectly with Mid-Century modern or other traditional techniques.

Try Lighter or Darker shades

In other cases, you may have to play with the lighter and darker shades to find the right colour. If you aren’t confident about your choice of paint colour, try a lighter or darker shade.

Usually, interior paint colours appear on paint strips in gradual shades. Still, you can ask your painting contractor to customize it. Your local paint store or paint company can create a custom tone by adding percentages of light or dark shades.

Use Undertones to Find the Perfect Interior Colour Schemes

Another creative way of picking interior paint colours is by choosing undertones. In essence, undertones are the colours lurking beneath your colour of choice. Perhaps, the only way to test how such a tone will appear in your home is by using a sample.

Generally, the undertones from other surfaces in the room may change the way your wall paint appears due to reflection. In this regard, you must use a sample first.

Do your Homework Before Buying

Before you call your painting contractor, you should make sure you gather enough inspiration. Typically, anything works – catalogues, magazines, or fabric swatches. That way you’ll filter out your options. Once you narrow down your choices, get some samples to try at home.

Check Out Some Samples Before Choosing

As already mentioned, taking samples is an essential part when picking interior paint colours. Therefore, you should always sample any interior colour combination you’re considering. After all, you’ll pay for lots of litres of paint, so you should get the right colour. In this regard, you should also make a proper estimate of how much paint you’ll need to minimize the waste.

Flow your Interior Colour Combination Throughout Your Home

When decorating smaller spaces, it’s crucial to flow your interior colour combination throughout the rooms. That way, you’ll make your area feel much more extensive. Besides, you’ll create a soothing vibe.

Arguably, the best way to use flowing interior paint colour schemes is to use neutral tones. Pick a neutral paint colour as your signature hue, then add some accents in each room. Keep the flooring similar and consider moulding to match everything together.

Ask your Painting Contractor for Advice

You can ask your painting contractor for advice. As professional painting companies have extensive experience in the field, they will generally point you in the right direction. Moreover, a seasoned painting contractor will give you some bright ideas or even a custom interior paint colour combination for your home.

Before you meet with your painting contractor, make sure you gather your ideas and inspiration. Doing so will give you a good starting point. Don’t be afraid to ask your painting contractor or interior designer to visit your home. That way, he’ll be able to evaluate the options regarding your lighting and specific room features.

What are the Benefits of DIY Home Interior Painting?


Arguably, you can come up with lots of benefits of DIY home interior painting. However, the most significant advantage is the reduced cost. Indeed, this factor is the core motivation for the majority of homeowners. If you have a 4-room or a 5-room HDB flat, you can easily save about $2000 on a painting contractor.

Of course, the cost savings may increase or decrease depending on your level of equipment. For example, you may require protection sheets, scrapers, extension poles, and some other tools. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do the math before you decide to go with a DIY home interior painting.

Freedom of creativity

While many homeowners shy away from making personal choices, more people find the courage to express themselves through the home interior. Needless to say, the blank walls are the perfect field to showcase your personality. In such cases, doing everything yourself will give you much-needed creative control.

As you can imagine, DIY home interior painting will give you the power to personally select the wall colours. Moreover, you get to decide on the painting techniques and even the finishing touches. Best of all, you’ll get the unique chance of painting your home with the rest of the family.

You can set your own deadline

Of course, one of the perks of painting your home interior yourself is that you won’t have to wait. Sometimes, reputed painting companies have busy schedules, and can’t take up any more projects. Setting your own time frame is much more convenient, as you can decide when to start, pause, or finish.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Painting Contractor?

You’ll get a professional painting service

Apparently, entering a newly-built HDB or condo has both good and bad sides. In most cases, homeowners have no idea that they have to take into consideration factors like moisture and sealers.

On the other hand, hiring a painting contractor will ensure everything’s up to par with your needs. Generally, a seasoned painter will have all the know-how to pull off a professional painting service.

A painting contractor has experience and workmanship

As expected, professionalism comes with due experience and workmanship. In this regard, painting an entire home interior is nothing like drawing on a drawing pad. Here, the proper technique is of utmost importance.  Therefore, it’s best to leave the job to someone with a steady hand who can mix the paints correctly.

Besides, evenly applying the paint is second nature to a trained painting contractor. Therefore, it’s a much wiser idea to avoid sloppy results. After all, you don’t want to repaint your home interior again in just a year and spend more money.

A painting contractor will have the right equipment

Fortunately, home interior painting isn’t the most dangerous activity. Still, it’s very hazardous. That’s why every professional painting contractor has all the required equipment at hand. For example, such an expert might need stepladders and scaffolds to stay safe while painting.

A professional painting company will carry out a home interior inspection

Another great benefit of hiring painting services is that a painting contractor will spot decays or rot. Just like any other home, yours can have small weaknesses that may impact its integrity in the long run.

Luckily, your expert will identify the issues and suggest proper solutions before the painting starts. Typically, there might be rot or mould growth caused by water vapours. With decent paintwork, you’ll shield the structure of your building against such problems. Moreover, your painting contractor will recommend a dependable craftsman to fix any issues that are out of his expertise.

A professional painting contractor is familiar with the colours and colour trends

When it comes to choosing a colour for your interior walls, an expert will undoubtedly be of great help. Indeed, a professional painting company will give you an unfair advantage that’ll give your new home a unique look.

A pro will suggest the right selection of colour schemes to make your home look rustic, or modern. Moreover, working with a licensed painting contractor means you’re paying for high-quality paints.

There’s always proper preparation

While they may not be many repairs to do in the interior, homeowners must know that there’s always some preparation. Of course, successful projects require perfect preparation. That’s why hiring a painting contractor will ensure the results last for a long period of time and look spectacular when the job is complete.

The home interior painting will be complete within the deadline

Since you’re hiring a painting company, all terms and conditions will be on paper. Therefore, the painting team will have to wrap up the project within a set time frame. As a result, you’ll have much more time for things like decoration and interior design. On the other hand, DIY painting can take you weeks or even months to finish.

Just make sure you set an exact deadline for the completion of the project. Of course, there may be some delays if there are significant repairs in the way. Moreover, there may be another ongoing project. Still, most professional painters will complete the task within a timeline, so you can return to everyday life.

The result is much likely to satisfy you

Just like any other job, there should be proper quality control to ensure the new paint lasts longer. In this respect, a painting contractor will implement various containment strategies to avoid chippings, flakes and debris. After all, the goal is to pull off a skilful paint job that will last for years. Hiring a painting contractor will guarantee you’ll get a flawless result.

Hiring a painting contractor will reduce your hassles

Last but not least, hiring a painting company will relieve you of tons of problems. A professional team of contractors will have proper planning and preparation. Moreover, you’ll get insurance and a quality guarantee. If things go unexpectedly wrong, the painting contractor will make it right.

On a side note, doing the home interior painting yourself may still require you to hire a contractor. After all, there’s a high chance that you’ll make some mistakes here and there. In such cases, it’s best to be on the safe side. Hiring a painting contractor will save you all the headaches that you may encounter.

Make The Right Decision

All in all, hiring a painting contractor is a much wiser option for your home interior. Of course, the DIY method has one considerable advantage – cost savings. However, you should carefully weigh your options, as DIY painting may eventually cost more in the long run. Unless you’re a painting contractor yourself, you should leave the job to the professionals.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you’d want to rely on a professional painting contractor. Even if you’re already working with an interior designer, at some point, you’ll need to call a painting company. Either way, you should consult with an expert in the field to help you choose the right interior paint colours for your home. After all, you’d want to be spot-on when giving your HDB or condo flat a fresh stroke of paint.

If you’re having trouble finding a reliable painting contractor, you can go online and look up some reviews.  Numerous painting companies offer painting services in Singapore. Perhaps, you may be lucky to find the right professionals to help you. If you’re an owner of a painting company and need help on GST related matters, engage Jazcorp for GST filing services.


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