Home Appliance Cost Guide In Singapore [Updated 2023]

Our appliances assist us with our everyday life. Refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, stoves, and washing machines all simplify and maintain our lifestyles.

Hence, whether we need to repair our existing appliances or install a new one, the money used is generally well spent.




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The cost of your appliance usually depends on several factors, most commonly:

  • Brand (and quality)
  • Size
  • Energy efficiency
  • The amount of power and water it needs.

Do check out CourtsHarvey NormanBest Denki, Shopee and Lazada for great deals if you want to save some money.

Brand and Quality of your Home Appliances

washing machine in a home

The new age of technology has allowed us to be more refined in our appliance shopping. With the advent of platforms like e-commerce, comparison of prices, and reviews of that particular brand of the appliance are just a few clicks away.

From the quality associated with the home appliance, types of potential problems you will face when you buy the home appliance, to what other owners feel about the appliance, quality online research can save you significant amounts of time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Research can also point out brands that overcharge their products and what problems arise after several years of usage. If you are getting the appliance for a major renovation, your interior designer or renovation contractor may guide you to the best deals.




Size of your Home Appliances

Fridge at home

Common sense dictates that the bigger the home appliance, the bigger its size and capacity, and the higher the price. However, bigger does not equate to better.

Do take into account the size of your family and the number of guests you serve and the available space you have for your appliance before making a purchase decision.

So, how do I know what size refrigerator to buy?

Unsure of what size to get for your refrigerator or washing machine? We have a guide below!

Recommended refrigerator size for each household and their average price.

Household Size

Recommended volume

Average price range

1-2 people

Check out these refrigerators from Samsung, Hitachi, and Powerpac!

$650 - $1,200

3-4 people

300 - 500L

Check out these refrigerators from LG, Mitsubishi, and Electrolux!

$850 - $1,500

5+ people


Check out these refrigerators from Sharp, Toshiba, and Midea!

$1,800 - $3800

Recommended washing machine capacity for different households.

Household Size

Recommended Capacity

1-2 people

6 - 6.5kg

3-4 people

7 - 8.5kg

5+ people

8.5kg - 12kg


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Energy Efficiency of Home Appliances

Appliances with a higher energy efficiency rating (which means they are more energy-efficient) are often more expensive.

Simply put, they are either in higher demand (because they save you energy in the long run) or simply because they are hard to produce. Think about the innovation; R&D is needed to create a more energy-efficient home appliance.

Having these energy-efficient appliances will help you save money in the long run due to having lower utility bills. The NEA has explained the energy efficiency ratings, and you should check it out before purchasing your new appliance.

Energy label

Does this image look familiar to you? All home appliances have this Energy Label on them to provide customers with more information.

  1. Energy efficiency rating: Each appliance is rated from 1 (low) to 5 (excellent) ticks. The number of ticks determines how energy efficient the appliance is.
  2. Ticks: The number of ticks complies with the Tick Rating System
  3. Annual Energy Cost: Based on 27 cents per kWh electricity cost and the number of hours the energy has been consumed.
  4. Annual Energy Consumption: Based on the amount of usage, expressed in kWh.
  5. Brand name
  6. Model
  7. Type of appliance
  8. Size of appliance
  9. Test standards: Test standards can be found here.
  10. Disclaimer
  11. Registration number of appliances.




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Electricity or Water Powered Home Appliances

TV in living room

When installing your new appliances, it is essential to ensure that sufficient water and electricity are running through them and that the power and water outlets are placed correctly.

Do note that the cost of installation will increase if you have to move the locations of wiring and plumbing and increase electricity for your new appliance. If you wish to look for plumbers or electricians, visit Homees.co today!

Home Appliance Warranties & Repairs

Appliance repair 1

When purchasing your appliance, do check out the length and coverage of the warranty.

The warranty for many appliances lasts for a few months while better brands will offer lifetime warranties. Do check the terms and conditions of your warranty; however, sometimes it might only be honoured when you return the appliance to the manufacturer for repair.

Appliances that do have an extended and more comprehensive warranty will cost more at the point of purchase, but it may be a better overall buy in the long run.

Where to get my home appliance repaired?

Has your fridge broken down? Aircon blowing warm air? Washing machine not working? It might be time to get your home appliances repaired!

The cost of repairing your appliance depends on the type of appliance and the extent of the damage. Most repairs will cost around $50 to $200. The price may include transportation depending on the company.

If the damage to your home appliance is minor, you can get it fixed. However, if the damage is huge and requires lots of work, you should consider purchasing a new appliance instead.

There are 3 places you can go to fix your appliance

  • Manufacturer: If your appliance is still under warranty, you can send your home appliances to their respective manufacturers to have them fixed. Do note that prices are more expensive and will take a longer time to be repaired.
  • Retailer: Some retailers offer repair services to certain appliances. However, they only repair those under extended warranties.
  • Appliance Repair Companies: These companies specialize in repairing home appliances. Most of them are responsive and will attend to you 24/7.

Below is a list of service charges by different manufacturers & retailers. Do note that price difference varies for different appliances.


Price Range


From $100

$20 - $340 (excluding $30 transport fee)


$5 - $900 (excluding $35 transport fee)


$150 - $400


From $50

Gain City

From $50

Most independent appliance repair services would want you to request a quote before advising you on how much you should pay.


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Home Appliances Price List


Home Appliance 1

To beat Singapore’s hot weather, most people love to blast the aircon to cool themselves down. It has since become essential for most homes.

If you’re looking to get an aircon for your home, there are different types of aircon and aircon brands for you to consider.

Since Aircons are long-term investments, there will be times when it breaks down. Warm air coming out is one of the many signs that your Aircon is due for servicing. Find more about aircon services and prices at our cost guide!


Find Aircon Servicing Experts


Wall-mounted Aircons




Average Price Range



$1,000 - $2,900

System 2

$2,000 - $4,200

System 3

$2,600 - $4,800

System 4

$4,400 - $5,800

System 5

$5,600 - $6,400



$1,000 - $2,400

System 2

$5,600 - $6,400

System 3

$2,800 - $3,800

System 4

$3,900 - $4,800



$1,200 - $2,500

System 2

$2,400 - $4,600

System 3

$3,600 - $4,900

System 4

$4,300 - $5,600



$1,000 - $2,800

System 2

$2,100 - $4,200

System 3

$3,200 - $4,300

System 4

$3,800 - $4,700




Average Price Range


$500 - $1,400

$1,000 - $1,200



$400 - $1,400


$450 - $830

Air Fryers

Home Appliance 2

Air Fryers are becoming a common cooking appliance in many homes due to their promise of providing tasty ‘fried’ foods using little to no oil. People would use to cook food that is normally deep-fried, shallow fried, grilled, roasted, or baked.

When looking for a suitable air fryer, you should look out for the appliance’s capacity, type of control (dial/digital) and how it is cleaned.

Take a look below at the different air fryer brands and their price range!



Average Price Cost


$160 - $400


$200 - $350


$90 - $120


$70 - $300


$100 - $350


$200 - $700


$200 - $350


$300 - $400

*Prices are listed before discounted price.

Electric Kettles

white electric kettle

Electric kettles are basic household essentials that help to boil water much faster than traditional kettles. They are fast, easy to use, energy-efficient, and precise.

Some factors you would like to consider when picking the right kettle include:

  • Speed
  • Temperature options
  • Size
  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Material
  • Exterior Heat
  • Noise
  • Weight


Average Price Cost

$100 - $150

$30 - $150

$130 - $190

$60 - $140

$40 - $110

$50 - $200

$50 - $150

*Prices are listed before discounted price.

Microwave Ovens

kitchen micro oven

Microwave Ovens provide the convenience of cooking food at home. They can grill, bake, roast, and reheat food. Microwave ovens can help to save time and energy by cooking/reheating the food in minutes.

There are 3 types of microwave ovens; solo, grill, and convection.

When looking for the ideal microwave oven, you should consider the capacity volume that suits your household size and your cooking needs.

Household Size


Capacity (Litres)


Average Price Cost

2-4 people



$130 - $200

$130 - $140

$130 - $140



$190 - $200

$180 - $270

$240 - $250


$130 - $130

$100 - $200

$150 - $160

4-6 people



$230 - $300

$190 - $200

$230 - $250

Grill &


32 & above

$1,000 - $2,000

$300 - $900

$400 - $600

*Prices are listed before discounted price.

Water Heater

Home appliance 6

Singaporeans love long warm showers. It helps us relax and soothe our bodies after a long day at school or work.

Water heaters consume a considerable amount of electricity, so it is important to choose one carefully. You would want to choose a water heater that saves money and energy efficiently.

Most Singapore homes use either instant water heater or storage water heater. After picking out your water heater, you might want to look for an expert to help with your water heater installation. Broken heaters are also repairable by a professional plumber.



Average Price Range


$300 - $400

$300 - $530


$120 - $300

$300 - $500


$120 - $350

$250 - $310


$110 - $500

$330 - $430


$130 - $400

$270 - $440

*Prices are listed before discounted price.


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Home Appliances FAQs

Which home appliances use the most electricity?

Do you know? In an average household in Singapore, 76.1% of electricity is used to run just 3 appliances at home! They are air-conditioners (36.7%), water heaters (20.9%), and refrigerators (18.5%). This is why most Singaporeans opt for energy-efficient appliances to lower their utility bills!

What is the average life expectancy of home appliances?

The lifespan of an appliance depends on how often it’s being used. Air-conditioners require frequent servicing especially if they are used daily so they can work efficiently and be more energy-efficient.

  • Refrigerators and dryers: 13 years
  • Dishwashers and microwave ovens: 9 years
  • Air-conditioner: 15-25 years

When should I repair my home appliances?

You have to repair your appliance when it’s more than 50% through its lifespan unless the repair fees are 50% more than the cost of buying a new one. In this case, you should replace it instead of repairing it.

When is the best time to buy home appliances?

  • January, May, September, October: New models are released during these months. Retailers will reduce the prices on older models to make space for newer models.
  • Last days of the month: Retailers would want to meet the store’s monthly quota and hence, prices are likely to reduce.
  • Great Singapore Sale (June-July)
  • Double digits sale (10.10, 11.11, 12.12)
  • Black Friday sale
  • Major holidays (New year, National Day, Christmas)

Where can I buy home appliances?

There are many home appliance stores in Singapore. You can check out Courts, Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Audio House, Gain City, and Mustafa.


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