Everything You Need to Know about HDB Gates

Nowadays, the sight of mere HDB front doors is a rarity as more homeowners cover their main entrances with gates. They provide convenience, allowing interaction with visitors at the door without compromising the home security.

Furthermore, they are a great way to let fresh air or natural light inside by keeping your main entrance open. For those who have children or pets, metal gates are the ideal way to prevent them from wandering outside without supervision.

Apart from their protective properties, HDB gates can add to the appeal of the doorway thanks to modern technological advancements. From various metals like aluminium, mild steel, wrought iron, and others to an endless number of styles and designs, they come in a plethora of choices.

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What are the standard HDB gate sizes and configurations?

For Singapore, there are specific door and gate regulations that property owners need to follow. The typical HDB gate sizes range from 3×7 ft to 4×7 ft. Typically, if the main door is single panelled, it’s 3×7 ft. If it has a double panel configuration with a big and a small-sized panel, then it’s 4×7 ft.

What’s more, HDB gates come with either top or bottom stoppers, and all of them have built-in handles with standard lock mechanisms. Still, most manufacturers offer custom configurations with various accessories and digital lock mechanisms to suit individual preferences.

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Arguably, the most important thing to consider about HDB gates is the material. Since their primary purpose is to add protection and security, these gates’ typical structure is of various metals like aluminium, wrought iron, mild steel, and stainless steel.

Moreover, some retailers offer laminate gates. Also, there’s a rising trend with 3D laser-cut gates, which are incredibly stylish and beautiful. Here’s a thorough look into the three most popular types of HDB gates as of now.

Wrought iron gates

Perhaps, the most popular material for HDB gates in Singapore, a wrought iron gate is durable and available in numerous designs and colours. The iron alloy has a shallow carbon content and fibrous inclusions known as slag.

Its characteristics include robustness, malleability, ductility, weldability, and resistance from corrosion.

Even though prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and water can cause rust, galvanized iron variations provide an easy solution to the drawback.

The molten zinc coating adds a protective layer, which prevents the iron structure of the gate from rusting. With proper care, wrought iron gates can last for several generations. Depending on the gate size and different designs, wrought iron gate prices may vary from around $360 to up to $700.

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Mild steel gates

In recent years, mild steel gates have become increasingly popular in Singapore. Despite their low carbon content, they are robust and can effortlessly withstand extreme conditions. Mild steel boasts easy weldability and can take various shapes and forms, which makes it ideal for HDB homes. What’s more, it’s a relatively cheaper alternative to wrought iron.

Furthermore, mild steel is arguably one of the most versatile metals. This feature allows homeowners to choose from a wide selection of different models and designs.

The metal is so quickly weldable that it’s possible to roll it and beat it into thin sheets. Due to its properties, it is a common material for various pipes, rivets, chains, stampings, gates, and fences.

On average, it costs $680 to $1280 to install a mild steel gate. Usually, digital locks are a complement when purchasing mild steel gates. This combination costs from $1300 to $1500.

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3D laser-cut gates

Sometimes, standing out from the crowd requires more than a traditional wrought iron gate. For this reason, lots of companies have started offering customers 3D laser-cut gates.

Usually, using mild steel, these gates come in virtually all kinds of styles and colours, all created with a precise laser cutting procedure. These gates are sure to impress both guests and neighbours as they offer unparalleled flexibility that may give a unique look to any HDB home.

In terms of coating, 3D laser-cut gates come in either powder coating or spray painting. Powder coating – a widespread technique of spraying dry powder to the mill finish product, doesn’t use any catalyst.

This feature allows for solid uniform surfacing without sagging marks. On the other hand, the spray painting technique uses a spray gun or an airbrush to apply a coating through the air. This method is generally cheaper and much quicker compared to powder coating.

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What do you need to know when installing an HDB gate?

Installing an HDB gate is bound to add an extra layer of security and protection. Still, some precautions require a careful approach in the process of choosing the most suitable piece. To prevent complications and mishaps, here’s a thorough guide on the basics of installing an HDB gate.

Choosing the right material

Firstly, choosing the right material for the gate is an essential aspect to consider. There are various kinds of metals available on the market, and each has its strengths and weaknesses.

To pick the most suitable one, it may be a good idea to consult with an expert in the field. You also need your gate to complement your HDB door. Professionals can always give detailed information about each material, which is bound to help find the balance between the mere protective purpose and a genuinely aesthetic appeal.

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Space between the grills

Secondly, there’s a crucial mistake that many homeowners do – not paying attention to the space between the grills. Whatever the material and style, choosing a gate with plenty of space between its bars can compromise the whole idea of protection and security.

On the other hand, buying an HDB gate with very little space in between each element can eliminate visibility. On top of that, the product usually ends up much more cumbersome than standard barriers.

For this reason, there must be a proper measurement of the bar space for a balanced combination of excellent visibility and protection at the same time.

Grill thickness

Furthermore, the thickness is yet another essential part of choosing the perfect grills for the HDB gate. Too thin bars are highly unlikely to provide adequate safety to the HDB home. On the opposite, a too thick fence can add up too much unnecessary weight to the gate. Moreover, more weight means higher costs.

Permission for installation

Typically, replacing an old gate doesn’t require any specific approval. The only condition is for the new entrance to share the same number of leaves, size, and shape.

However, installing a completely new HDB gate requires approval from the authorities. It has to be in a written form, and it must be legal. Luckily, the process is usually quick, as such permissions are generally easy to get.

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Overall price

Buying an HDB gate may cost a good chunk out of the family budget. However, it’s good to bear in mind the installation cost as well. There also might be a cost for shipping as well as other expenses. Therefore, it’s imperative to plan the budget accordingly.

Choosing a contractor

Perhaps, another aspect of crucial importance that requires careful management is hiring the right contractor. Of course, the first thing to look for is whether the contractor has all the necessary licenses for work in HDB buildings.

Furthermore, experienced professionals are a preferable pick as they are more likely to carry out the job without incidents. Still, ensuring there’s an insurance clause included in the contract may save you from any unexpected expenses that may occur. Also, the contractor must use all safety measures for a good-looking installation.

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How to choose a Wrought Iron Gate for your HDB?

The Housing and Development Board, known as HDB, has been serving as a regulatory institution for public housing issues in Singapore since 2010.

For HDB homes, the main door gate is a standard tool that adds security and protection as well as beautiful ambience and value to the property. Wrought iron gates have been dominating the HDB gate market since its opening. They are good-looking and extremely robust.

Besides, they are relatively affordable, and that’s why they are so popular with homeowners. However, there are some aspects that it’s good to know before purchasing a wrought iron gate.

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Ensure the measures are correct

The first thing to consider before doing any renovation in an HDB is taking the proper measurements. For HDB gates, the measures can be either 3×7 ft. or 4×7 ft. Generally, a well-installed wrought iron gate is the one that may pay off the most in the long run.

Buy from renowned retailers

After determining the dimensions, it’s time to choose the right contractor. The best suggestion is to go for renowned companies.

There are lots of manufacturers specialized in the production of HDB doors and gates. They have all the required licenses and can offer high-quality gates from wrought iron. Moreover, installing a completely new main door barrier needs approval, which professional contractors may quickly get without you having to deal with the issue.

Choose a comprehensive design

With technological advancements, HDB gates now come in various shapes and styles. Wrought iron is generally malleable and easy to weld, which allows clients to order their gates with custom ornaments and fence shapes.

Of course, every homeowner would want their home to look stylish, and starting from the entrance is the perfect way to make a first impression. Ultimately, choosing a gate design that blends in with the rest of the interior may improve the property’s curb appeal.

Find an affordable option

Last but not least, buying a wrought iron gate doesn’t necessarily equal spending the whole budget on the purchase. Moreover, there are bound to be some additional expenses, which require careful consideration as well. Prices are a significant factor, and looking for deals and discounts is a good idea that can save you money for the installation, shipping, and other expenses that may occur.

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Additional Inspirations

Wired mesh gates

Mesh HDB gates are ideal for families with pets. Typically laser-cut, these gates are gaining popularity in recent years, as they allow perfect visibility while preventing cats and dogs from escaping through the bars.

Also, these gates come with anti-sharp polishing for additional safety against cuts. Homeowners can have their unit number cut for a more customized look.

Retro scissor gates

Genuinely fine crafted, these retro-style HDB gates slowly have their way back with brand new digital lock mechanisms. Typically of mild steel, scissor gates require a lot of bending and welding to achieve the flawless look that’s bound to impress both guests and neighbours.

Minimalist gates

Usually, not the typical inspiration, but the simple HDB gates that have clean and straight lines may be just enough to allow guests to get a glimpse of your interior. Besides, they are as good as all other gate styles in terms of safety.

Bespoke laser cut gates

For those willing to showcase their personality, it’s now easily achievable as many manufacturers offer bespoke laser cut HDB gates. From various floral motifs to different 3D figures of animals and abstract optical illusions – these gates are the ideal way to stand out from the crowd with a unique HDB gate design.

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