10 Unique HDB Living Room Design Ideas to Wow your Guests

Movie marathons, family dinners and quiet reading – the essence of the living room revolve around our everyday lives. More than just a communal space, the living room is the nucleus of the home where you have heartfelt conversations and interactions with people that matter.

With so much going on, there is an understandable amount of pressure when it comes to furnishing and decorating the room. Living rooms might seem like tricky spaces, but with handy pro-tips and refreshing ideas, you’ll nail the interior design in no time.




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How big is a typical HDB flat in Singapore?


Area (in square metres)

2-room HDB 

35 - 47

3-room HDB 

60 - 68

4-room HDB 

85 - 93

5 room HDB 

107 - 113

The approximate floor area of each HDB flat type (source)

For most people, the biggest decision they’ll make in their lives is to purchase an HDB flat. This begs the question: How many rooms should I go for? Of course, the bigger the space, the heftier the price tag, so finding the perfect balance between the two is key.

Depending on how much space you have to work with, the design of the living room shouldn’t stray too far from the core theme of the house. Be it a simple, minimalistic design or a luxurious, sophisticated aesthetic, the living room should always be a reflection of your personal sense of style.

To help you decide what interior style fits best, we’ve curated the top 10 HDB living rooms so you won’t be stuck in a loop of unexciting designs and repetitive ideas.

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Beautiful HDB living room design ideas

1. Spacious Botanical Beauty @ Punggol Central

Featuring a mix of minimalist, industrial and Scandinavian interior themes, this HDB resale apartment by Butler Interior is surrounded by a breathtaking sense of peace and comfort. Fully embracing the unfinished look of concrete, the floors and TV console radiate a beautiful bare-boned beauty of industrial interiors.

To breathe life into the living room, a large potted plant and several planters were put on display for nature to work its charm in the house. The rattan furniture that blends in seamlessly with the other muted neutrals is a sight to behold.

HDB Interior Design @294 Punggol Central 22

This stylish and spacious living room is a minimalist’s dream come true.

HDB Interior Design @294 Punggol Central 16

To keep things in the living room simple, minimal furnishings were used.

In HDB flats, the dining table shares the space with the living room most of the time. Complementing the industrial look perfectly, the traditional expression of the sturdy dining table and benches are made for hearty family dinners.

HDB Interior Design @294 Punggol Central 7

This spacious living and dining area is a great space to host friends and family.


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2. Classic Monochrome @ Pinnacle@Duxton

If we had to describe this living room interior design in three words, it would be clean, clear and strong. There is something reassuring when it comes to black-and-white interiors, just like this project by DISTINCTiDENTITY.

Decorating your space in colours of the chessboard could sound off-putting, but they embolden your home with a level of confidence you can’t find with other colours.

Condo Residential Project - Black N White 1

Offering good comfort and sophistication, this room is a show-stopper in terms of form and function.

Bespoke shaker-style wall panels were used in this living room to contrast with a dark feature display. Without drowning out the space in black and white, a greyish wood laminate was used for the floors to neutralise the room.

From the choice of furniture and lighting, the clean lines bring out the best of the living room.

Condo Residential Project - Black N White 3

The matte pendant lighting gives the living room a contemporary feel.


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3. Modern Rustic Living @ Jellicoe Road

Open-concept floor plans seem to be taking the world of interior design by storm, but what about going against this trend and trying out something different? Instead of adopting the usual open-plan layout, akiHAUS carved out designated spaces for the house.

Both the living and dining rooms are separated by a wall, almost two distinct rooms. Drawing out these spaces into their respective functions, allow for more privacy too.

HDB Interior Design @ Jellicoe Road by Akihaus 10

The quiet charm and simplicity of this modern rustic living room makes it ultra-comfy.

HDB Interior Design @ Jellicoe Road by Akihaus 3

Segregating the living and dining areas can allow for more privacy.

Our favourite part of this living room is the continuous TV feature wall, which runs across from the entryway. The clean, smooth panelling does make it feel like you’re stepping into a majestic seaside resort.

HDB Interior Design @ Jellicoe Road by Akihaus 11

Cosy vibes and laidback feelings – this exquisitely designed living room looks and feels just like a seaside resort.


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4. Scandinavian Leisure @ Rivervale Walk

Expressing beauty in the form of mellow neutrals and soft fabrics, this Scandinavian-inspired abode by Home Concepts Interior & Design Pte Ltd is where you’ll want to laze around all day.

Warm wood and traditional elements abound in this cosy space. With its calming blue tones and unique geometric prints, this home is the hallmark of Scandinavian interior design.

Rivervale walk 2

This HDB living room focuses on the timeless combination of beauty with functionality.

A sturdy and functional kitchen counter table sits in close proximity to the couch. Those who come by can gather around this common space, engaging in meaningful conversation over a hearty meal.

Rivervale walk interior design 2

This strategic layout of the living and dining zones makes it possible to prioritise both space and comfort.


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5. Homely Timber Turf @ Canberra Street

If you’re into the idea of harmonising modern and natural design, check out this impressive living room by Design Story. Lined with clean wood surfaces and cordial colours, there’s something about this house that screams contemporary and MUJI at the same time.

In order to make every square inch count, incorporating clever storage ideas is the way to go. With generous floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, this storage-friendly living room makes ugly clutter a thing of the past.

Interior Design Design Story Canberra No. 11

For a neat and uncluttered look, make the best out of the home’s vertical space by fabricating compact storage options.

When it comes to making your humble abode look and feel bigger, another pro-tip is to play with scale. Have one or two sizeable pieces of furniture to draw attention, just like this chunky grey L-shaped couch. For added visual interest and depth, try elevating your living room on a raised platform.

Interior Design Design Story Canberra No. 2

By keeping furniture away from the walls and centralising them, the living room instantly feels more spacious and luxurious.

6. Minimalist-Industrial Home @ Depot Road

Drawing inspiration from commercial warehouses and factories, this industrial interior by Goodman Interior Pte Ltd is dominated by bare concrete and exposed ducts. Putting functionality above everything else, doing without excessive ornamentation gives this space a clean and sleek feel.

Home renovation project @105A Depot Road 1

Centred around an open floor plan and repurposed materials, this living room would appeal to minimalist and industrial interior design lovers.

Greys and blacks don’t necessarily equate to boring, especially when you create open spaces with abundant natural light. Installing massive windows that keep the sun shining in means you won’t need that much artificial lighting fixtures to beef up your home.

Home renovation project @105A Depot Road 9

Striking a balance between natural and artificial lighting is crucial to the interior design of every home.

7. Modern Tropical Sanctuary @ Sengkang Central

Upon stepping foot into this refreshing and peaceful space, the first thing that catches your eye is the dusky, emerald green feature wall. Using lush greenery that lends an elegant look, Carpenters 匠 created this lovely respite out of the living room.

Calming on the senses, green is a powerful colour to use in interior design that signifies new beginnings. Having a colour that reconnects one with nature is especially important in an urban setting like Singapore. The homeowners of this chic, cosy apartment use a well-balanced palette of greens in both décor and furniture.

Singapore BTO 270 Sengkang Central HDB 2


Singapore BTO 270 Sengkang Central HDB 1

In colour psychology, green represents renewal and growth and can be integrated into any living space easily.

If you have a bay window space that needs some sprucing up, why not turn it into a cosy hobby nook? It can be a simple display corner of your essentials or a robust workbench for everyday crafting.

Singapore BTO 270 Sengkang Central HDB 4

This little corner by the living room houses the owners’ wakeboarding equipment perfectly.

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8. Stylish Monochromatic Living @ Upper Boon Keng Road

This contemporary living room by Dyel Pte Ltd makes a bold statement with its high-contrast colour palette. The living space achieves a luxurious glamour through the carefully selected furniture. When done right, black-and-white interiors can be a timeless classic that is both comfy and classy.

HDB 5 room projects @Upper Boon Keng Road 1

The irresistible charm of monochromatic interiors uplifts the purity and sophistication in the space.

Who says you have to choose between warm and cool lighting? Feel free to experiment with an assortment of both! Though this apartment is predominantly fitted with white light, having small bursts of warm light provide a softer, more intimate feel at night.

HDB 5 room projects @Upper Boon Keng Road 3

Switch on the style by picking out the right lights for the living room.

9. Earthy Hues and Colourful Accents @ St George Towers

Who says a dark interior can’t look vivid and brilliant? KDOT’s beautifully designed interior project tells you otherwise.

Although this living room is decked out in muted shades of olive and black, it springs to life with a subtle splash of bubble-gum colours. Across this space, the consistency of colours – watermelon red, cerulean and turquoise – injects a fun-spirited feeling into the home

St George's Towers by Kdot Associates 3

Energise the space by bringing in bold specks of colour through the walls and furniture.

Picking out the right colours of the home will showcase its character without being a distraction. This goes to show that you don’t need much to make an interior uniquely yours.

St George's Towers by Kdot Associates 9

Quirky throw pillows and dainty flowers are simple decorations that can add a nice touch to your home.

Transform an empty wall by clothing it in vibrant wall art. Take it a step further with a versatile high table that supports you, be it standing or sitting. Whether it’s used as a workstation or a coffee break corner, it’s impossible to grow out of such open-ended spaces.

St George's Towers by Kdot Associates 1

Recharge and rejuvenate your senses at this cosy little corner that fits snugly in the living room.

10. Sophisticated Neutrals @ Bukit Batok

Decorating with neutrals might seem like an impossible task, but this living room by LemonFridge Studio hits the sweet spot. The trick is weaving similar hues and textures together so that the overall design theme looks cohesive.

Defining individual areas within the house is made possible with designer-approved half walls. Especially in space-constrained homes, these make fantastic dividers for a multi-functional space like the living room. The best part about half walls? They don’t obstruct light from entering and retain the seamless spatial flow within a home.

HDB BTO Design @Bukit Batok 4

Stylish yet practical, cleverly divided into two areas, one for work and the other for play.

The neutral colour scheme acts as the perfect backdrop for prized knick-knacks and delicate indoor plants. These statement furnishings create brighter focal points that spice up the plain neutrality of the home.

HDB BTO Design @Bukit Batok 2

Using neutrals in interior design is a tried and tested way to elevate the comfort and highlight certain parts of your home.




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Other interior designs to consider

If you’re still short on interior design inspiration and would like to see more, check out the array of design themes below! Whether it’s classical, vintage or modern styles, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas

Check out the cost of hiring professionals for other aspects of your home improvement project. If you have a budget to spare and would like some unique designs of your own, you can try speaking to a few interior designers and renovation contractors to bring your dream home to life.

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