20 Common Mistakes to Avoid In Living Room Design

Well, there is no doubt that living rooms are one of the most used spaces in your home. Therefore, it is mandatory to give it a good layout so that guests and homeowners alike feel at ease when they are spending time there.

When it comes to having a meticulously designed living area, what we need is the right proportions and a clutter-free design to create a comfortable and restful space.

We make every effort to bring some life to our interior design by talking to interior designers or searching up top interior design trends over the internet. But, sometimes we don’t realise that just a few simple changes could change the design of our home drastically

There are a lot of common mistakes that we make while designing our living room. Here, we have screened the 20 most common mistakes that we often do and how to avoid making them.

20 Most Common Mistakes In Living Room Interior Design

Mistake #1: Having the wrong furniture in your design

Letz minimalistic living room

Designed by Letz Interior, this minimalistic living room shows how the right furniture can elevate the space profoundly.

Most homeowners are vaguely aware of the fact that furniture is the key to comfort. The mistake people often make is that they stuff the living room with furniture that does not fit in. The sofa can make the room look much smaller if it is too big for the space.

You can boost your design by adding a large sofa in a large living space. On the other hand, for smaller living areas, a two-seater sofa along with a pair of armchairs will do wonders.

You can follow the interior design Singapore trends to stay up to date with the latest interior styles.


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Mistake #2: Choosing a rug that is too small

Contemporary Living room

Space Factor shows how a wide rug can help to ground the space of this contemporary living room design.

Another mistake that people do without realising is they skimp on the rug size.

Rugs are one of the most important aspects of a design and highlight the interior design ideas that you execute. But don’t let them wobble. A right-sized rug can enhance the appearance of the living room significantly and add depth to the space. So, be generous with it and scale it according to the space of the room.

Small rugs create a welcoming imbalance in your living space. Here, the thing that you must take into consideration is not to pick anything under 6 by 9 feet if you have a tiny room.

On the other hand, large rugs can visually expand the living space and help to ground the room better. It can add a layer of sophistication to the design and complement the interior design of your home. So pick a rug that is proportionate to your living room and which complements your design well.

Mistake #3: Falling into the showroom look

Space factor HDB living room

Space Factor shows how you can incorporate plenty of warm colours into your home’s design.

Yes! It is a plague that can ruin your living room design ideas. Implementing such a plan will lend a showroom patina to your space that looks stark and cold. While it can look aesthetically pleasing at first glance, it may lack the comfort of a home

To avoid feeling like you are in a store, add warm colours and yellow lighting to increase the sense of cosiness in your design.


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Mistake #4: Picking the wrong couch

Urban oasis Living room

Designed by space-factor, a simple and minimalistic couch can do wonders to the design.

There seem to be a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a couch in the era of endless choice. You think you know exactly what you need, but once you walk into a shop or browse products online, the design, size and shapes alternatives become overwhelming.

Couch plays a crucial role when it comes to designing a living room. So, selecting a couch that does not go perfectly with the sofa can ruin the entire look of your living room. The key point is, you must pay attention to the timelessness of the shape, quality of the fabric and of course, the size of the couch.

For a bigger living area, you have to decide exactly how much of the space you want your couch to fill. If your couch is too large for the space available, it can lead to too much visual clutter reduces the comfort of your home.

Mistake #5: Too much matchy-matchy

Jalan Tenterram living room

Some contrast in the colour scheme can elevate the design of the room, as shown by Tan Studio.

Not pondering on the colour scheme is the biggest blunder that most people can make when designing their home. Having too many furniture pieces of the same colour can lead to monotony in the design that ends up looking childish and boring.

It is easy to buy a whole lounge room set, but it lacks personality. You must take time to gauge and invest in furniture that matches your style. What you can do is get the perfect proportions. This will lend a cohesive look to your living room and make a striking display. It is better for you to opt for colours that go perfectly with the combination.

Mistake #6: Push all of the furniture against a wall

Punggol east living room

As shown by Arche Interior, a sofa without its back pushed against the wall can make the design much more spacious.

Most people find it tempting to push the sofa against a wall. However, to make your living room cosier and more inviting, you should actually pull your sofa out from your wall instead of creating a dead space in the middle.

It is essential to create conversation groupings when it comes to decorating large living spaces. This helps to add more warmth and comfort when guests visit. The best thing you can do to enhance the look of your living space is to place the sofa away from the wall. This will not only visually enlarge the space but will also create comfort.

Mistake #7: Not enough colour

Commonwealth living room

Designed by Arche Interior, a bright couch can do wonders to your design.

Lack of colours in the space is another huge mistake done by most people. The colour scheme plays a vital role when it comes to the living space.

You might pick a monochromatic palette as it makes a safe option. But a punch of colour to the room with additions such as lamps, throws, cushions, and great pieces of furniture can enhance the appeal of your living space. Just make sure not to turn your living room into a circus by adding a lot of distracting colours that clash – it always pays to be careful when picking interior design colours.


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Mistake #8: Making it a multipurpose room

telok kurau living room

Designed by Butler Interior, this living room is compact and clear in its motive.

Most homeowners make the major mistake of turning the living area into a cluttered multipurpose room.

Any part of your home would lose its charm when it is loaded with too many different accessories. People establish cabinets and multi-level shelves that are filled with books, toys, crockery, etc. Instead of overloading your living room, it is ideal to give it some space so that it does not lose its elegance.

This is why many homeowners opt for a minimalist interior design instead. It is one of the best living room interior designs available!

Mistake #9: No side tables

Side tables are the must-have pieces for any living room. Not including them is like having a beach without the sea. Even if it is limited in space, having a small side table can accentuate the features of your home.

Make side tables or coffee tables visible by adding them just next to your other pieces of furniture. The rule of thumb is that they should be around 40 mm to 50 mm below the arm height.

Mistake #10: Not lighting it up right

Circuit road living room

In Tan Studio’s design, a brightly-lit living room appears more spacious and comfortable.

This is one of the most important factors of living room design ideas, which people often forget.

Lighting is key, and it is necessary to include some table lamps, pendant lights, and floor lamps to accentuate the mood and atmosphere of the living room. Using lamps will create a perfect balance of light throughout the room to create an amazing living room interior design.

Mistake #11: Not adding a focal point

Bape modernism living room

Letz Interior shows how a unique feature wall can be the focal point you need.

Every room needs a focal point to stand out. But when it comes to the living room, it becomes even more essential. A unique focal point will increase the elegance and beauty of your home.

Hang an exotic painting on the wall or include a mesmerising chandelier to the ceiling – just make sure it goes with the vibe of the room.


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Mistake #12: Buying furniture that you will never use

Punggol drive HDB living room

In this industrial-style living room designed by Space Factor, every piece of furniture plays a relevant role.

People love antique things. But what is the use of it if you are never going to utilise the piece?

The most common mistake that most people do is buying furniture pieces such as antique writing desk, piano, which they will never use. These things are only good decorative pieces if you can use them. Keeping it as a showpiece won’t work as it will drastically affect the appearance of the room and add unnecessarily to the clutter.

Mistake #13: Curtains visually lessen the space

Monde condo living room

A design with sheer curtains can make the room appear much bigger, as shown by Beaux Monde Pte Ltd’s design.

Curtains look good as they add functionality to the living room but incorrectly hung curtains can make your room visually smaller. It is best to hang the curtains as wide and as high as possible. It will work as a bonus in making your small space appear bigger.

Mistake #14: Hanging art incorrectly

Swiss interior project living room

Swiss Interior shows how the right wall of art can add personality and spark to the space.

Hanging art on the wall in the wrong manner is just like a character in a movie wearing the wrong wig.

This is one of the major mistakes that people make when decorating. It is important to take the height of the wall into account when hanging paintings. For instance, if the ceilings are low, then the art needs to be hung at eye-level.

You can turn the wall into your personal art gallery. To add on, hanging them correctly can undoubtedly enhance the elegance of the living room. Wall hangings are great interior design ideas that you must add to your list. Just make sure you hang the art correctly and in a creative manner.

Mistake #15: Cluttered furniture arrangement

The messy arrangement is another dreaded mistake that needs to be avoided

A living room that is full of decorative items is not at all a good approach. It does not appear as inviting, comfortable or cosy when it is embellished with a bunch of accessories, and it is a major mistake in terms of design trends.

In fact, the combined effect of stacking different decorative items actually makes the room appear smaller. The best way to combat this is to only include the necessary items. If you do have a lot of decorative items, then arranging them in an organised manner will create a comfortable environment.


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Mistake #16: Plain white walls

Telok blanga living room

Designed by Swiss Interior, this living room design breaks up the monotony by including brick elements in the design.

Stark white walls can appear too plain when they are left unadorned. Moreover, such walls tend to be prominent to dust and dirt – every stain and fingerprint will look more obvious on a stark wall.

If you prefer having white walls in your interior design, make sure to decorate it with a unique piece of art and décor so that it does not look boring or plain. This will elevate your living room interior design to its best!

Mistake #17: Buying the largest option

Joo seng road living room

While the sofa is large, Tan Studio makes a smart design decision as the size is proportionate to the room’s dimensions.

Another common mistake that is often seen in the living room design is oversized furniture.

Many homeowners buy a sofa or centre table that they like the most. But the point you miss to analyse is whether your space can afford it or not. A too-large or too-small sofa does not give a classy look. In fact, it hampers the upscale look of your home and adds to the visual clutter.

Instead, the sofa and centre table should be in proportion to the space available to achieve a balance in the design.

Mistake #18: Creating a television shrine

We all love TVs, but creating a theatre in the living area will be one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

But still, if you wish to add a TV and upgrade your room design, you can consider mounting it over a ventless fireplace. It is a great space-saving idea that you can adopt.

Mistake #19: Using too many throw pillows

There is no doubt that throw pillows are great decorative accents. But decorating your living room with a bunch of throw pillows will take away the grace of your space.

Just because they look good in the store or salon, does not mean that they will look good in your home too. You can use a few throw pillows but loading the whole room with them is a huge mistake to avoid.

Mistake #20: Blindly following trends

It is one of the most common mistakes that people do. Following trends blindly will leave you nowhere as trends come and go.

Keeping your living room design up-to-date is a good idea. But, incorporating every trend into your living space will be a big mistake that will leave your home looking messy and disorganised.

Few trends work best for some people. It all depends upon the needs and demands of the owner, so take some time thinking about what look you want to give your home before starting the project.

Final Words

The place that makes the heart of your abode needs to be engaging and impressive, just like a beautifully directed movie. A simple mistake can destroy the entire look of the space.

So, next time when you think of updating the interiors of the living room of your dreams, make sure to avoid committing these dreaded mistakes. Now, it’s time to say hello to your new and improved living space.

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