Rustic Interior Design – How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm

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What is Rustic Interior Design Style?

Rustic interior design is an interior design style that has a rugged and aged aesthetic. It heavily features the use of natural materials such as wood and stone as well as organic elements such as bricks.

The term ‘rustic’ can be quite broad in nature. From cottage-like designs to grungier homes, what defines rustic interior design is its focus on a natural and simple appeal with a grounded and earthy feel.

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What are Rustic Colours?

The most common colour scheme used in rustic interior design tends towards more neutral and muted shades. However, there is still room for more vibrant colours, as long as they stick to warm earthy tones.

What makes the rustic interior design stand out from industrial interior design, which also features heavy use of natural elements, is how it favours warmer shades and tones. Colours such as brown, green and grey are common and can add lovely pops of colour when used in furnishings or as part of a feature wall.

On the other hand, industrial interior design tends to focus on a darker colour scheme for a grittier aesthetic.

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Charming Homes with Rustic Interior Design

Rustic Cotton Candy @ Waterfront Waves

Space Factor offers us this cottage-like home with a charming rustic appeal. White is used liberally in this rustic interior design to create a clean cottage-esque aesthetic.

To prevent the home from looking overly stark or empty due to its lighter colour scheme, different shades of white, such as cream and ivory, are used to introduce some variation to the colour palette.

A weathered blue sofa has also been picked out for the living room to add a lovely splash of colour that ties into the cottage rustic interior design of this home.

LoresWaterfront Waves 043 min 1024x701 - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
The living room is pristine and cottage-like. For more information, take a look here.

Storage plays an essential role in ensuring that the house has a spacious and clutter-free look. The white cabinets offer a clean and pristine aesthetic due to their sharp and polished lines, which further emphasises the elegance of the design.

The use of wood flooring and furnishings also helps to add texture and warmth to the room and complements the white surfaces well. The use of other pastel colours also helps to prevent any potential monotony in the colour scheme while adding a lovely splash of colour.

LoresWaterfront Waves 005 min 1024x686 - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
The pastel green wall and wooden floors add a nice splash of colour to the room.

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9 Canberra Road

Ban Yew Interior Design presents us with this grungier rustic interior design home that’s a breath of fresh air from its more popular industrial and modern interior design counterparts.

The contrast in textures and patterns is an important element in this home’s rustic interior design. From the textured feature wall to the brick wall in the living room, each element of the living room adds a layer of depth to the design.

The smooth glossy marble flooring, along with the large mirror used to furnish the brick wall, works together to visually enhance the living room. By acting as reflective surfaces, they give the living room an expansive and spacious look.

Utilising a lighter colour palette means that the home looks refreshing and spacious even with the use of darker and grungier industrial elements. Painting one of the walls to be a different shade also helps to add a nice pop of colour against the more muted colour scheme of the living room.

BenYew 9CanberraRoad  5 1024x683 - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
A spacious and rustic living room. For more information, take a look here.

The bedroom design features an elevated wooden platform that helps to add textures and layers to its design. The unique aesthetic of the sleek black fan, along with the dark-coloured wardrobe and black mirror frame help to ground the space of the bedroom without making it seem overly dark.

The wide rectangular mirror helps to accentuate every bit of the room’s space as everything reflected within it becomes an extension of the bedroom. The use of a sliding door for the wardrobe is also an efficient use of space. As it does not need to swing out like traditional bedroom doors do, sliding doors take up much less space and are extremely space-efficient.

BenYew 9CanberraRoad  6 839x1024 - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
A spacious and relaxing bedroom for optimal rest.

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Rural Appeal

Another grungier take on the rustic interior design, Letz Interior delivers this astounding home that’s a nice blend between grunge and sweet. By utilising lighter colours such as grey instead of black, this residential project strikes a balance between industrial interior design and rustic interior design.

The grey brick feature wall in the living room makes for an eye-catching and visually appealing focal point that does not overcrowd the whole room. Simultaneously, a wide black rug has been added to the living room to further ground the space and create a sleek look.

The use of textured wooden cabinets and furnishings also help to add a cosy sense of warmth to complement the cooler colour scheme.

RuralAppeal LetzInterior - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
A classy grey brick feature wall makes the living room striking and eye-catching. For more information, take a look here.

The dining area, with its high chairs, is a key place for the homeowners to relax and unwind after a long hard day of work. The use of black and wood countertops helps to create a striking yet balanced contrast that adds another layer of depth to the rustic interior design.

RuralAppeal LetzInterior1 - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
A dining area where homeowners can relax.

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Juz Interior shows us simplicity at its finest through the charming appeal of this rustic interior design home. This design heavily prioritises natural materials such as wood and features several textured surfaces that add a nice layer of contrast to the home.

The dark feature wall in the living room helps to balance out the white cabinets and light-coloured flooring to create a well-balanced design that is neither too dark nor too washed-out.

Bellewoods JuzInterior1 1024x498 - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
The living room’s colour scheme is well-balanced. For more information, take a look here.

The hanging lights in the dining area, along with the tall stool chairs, helps to create a spacious and restful space for unwinding. The white brick walls and textured wooden table helps to add a layer of depth to the home’s overall design.

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Bellewoods JuzInterior 772x1024 - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
The dining room is relaxing and spacious.

The combination of light wood cabinets and grey surfaces creates a simplistic and minimalistic study room that is both relaxing and comforting. The neutral colour palette and clean, straight lines of the design gives this home its quiet charm.

Bellewoods JuzInterior2 772x1024 - Rustic Interior Design - How to Achieve that Modern Rustic Charm
A study room that is clean and minimalistic – perfect for concentration.

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Less is often more when it comes to rustic interior design. Let the natural beauty of your home shine through with organic materials and minimalistic designs!

Other Interior Designs to Consider

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Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas

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Renovation contractors can sometimes be the best fit for you if you have a suitable home design in mind.

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