The 2023 Bedroom Door Trends

Nowadays, the abundance of retailers and manufacturers in the construction and interior industry has created an endless list of door styles and types. They vary in function and aesthetics, which often confuses buyers.

To create harmony between your bedroom door and the rest of your design components, you should make sure your entryway is up to par with the latest interior design trends. That’s why it’s essential to know a little more about this year’s trends in appearance and technical characteristics.

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Shapes and Sizes

The most important thing to do before placing an order is to measure the access point where you want your door installed. In most homes, the dimensions are standard, but it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional.

In recent years, more homeowners opt for higher doorways. What’s more, interior designers also assist the spreading the trend in raising the visual perimeter of the ceiling and making the room look larger.

Still, a lot of buyers prefer to turn to specialized retailers. This strategy is beneficial if you want to save money and valuable time. Moreover, it seems more logical since manufacturers usually offer a wide range of models, both standard and custom.


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Famous Structures and Types of Interior Doors

As previously mentioned, homeowners have an endless selection of doors, and there are no limitations in terms of types and styles. In terms of operational mechanism, two main categories are on-trend – swing and retractable.

Of course, classic swing doors are an all-time classic, which is still a popular option for a bedroom door. They are predominantly single-panelled, and buyers choose them for their reasonable price and easy installation. What’s more, their conventional and straightforward style is extremely versatile and can blend in seamlessly with your interior.

Also, it’s good to note that there’s a rising demand for double-wing structures. Such are barn and French doors, and their main advantage is that they provide a more extensive opening, which enhances the visual appeal of the room. They can make a small bedroom feel a lot more spacious than before.

Moreover, they will allow more light to penetrate the area. You’ll be amazed at how easy it will be for you when you start moving furniture in and out of your sleeping cove. Of course, installing such doors requires an ample supply of floor space, so you should bear that in mind when considering your choice.

If you lack the space for a double-wing structure, then a retractable door may be an effective solution to your problems. Bi-fold and sliding doors are prime examples in this category.

Because of their functional characteristic of folding neatly to the side, bi-fold doors have been trendy in recent years. Sliding doors aren’t as popular yet, but there’s a rising trend thanks to the lower threshold and sleeker look of the doorway.

Both types are bound to expand your bedroom space visually. However, pocket doors are unbeatable in terms of saving on space – they hide inside wall “pockets” for a seamless opening.

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What Are The Most Popular Materials in Comparison?

No matter the size and location of the home, doors are always at their heart. They are not only a statement of style but a clear reflection of our individuality. Therefore, equipping your home with elegant and durable doorways is essential to achieving a harmonious look both internally and externally.

Of course, buying main and interior doors for your HDB can be quite confusing, especially if you have little or no knowledge about door materials. Modern advancements in the field of door production have paved the way to a myriad of natural and engineered components suitable for even the most intricate taste.

Here’s a brief classification of some of the most popular door materials. Hopefully, it can help you get a clearer idea, so you can make the best choice for your HDB flat, condo, or landed property. To find out more, you can read up on our comprehensive guide to HDB doors.


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What is Solid and Engineered Wood?

There are many types of wooden doors. The process of wooden door and furniture production uses either of two standard methods – wood or veneering. Typically, solid wood doors employ a single or multiple wood species in various configurations of one solid piece or many pieces glued together. The result is a doorway using separate pieces of wood, each of them stretching from side to side.

As for veneer, the thin outer layer is of natural wood too. However, due to the higher price of solid timber doors, manufacturers have come up with a way to create more budget-friendly “engineered” alternatives while preserving the natural warmth of their doors with veneer.

As a result, engineered doors have bodies of less expensive, internal pieces of wood and use veneer as a surface to give them the appeal of hardwood.

Surprisingly, engineered doors aren’t merely a cheaper replica of solid wood. The tiny fragments of wood blasted from small, fiddly parts of a tree and then glued back together aren’t prone to splitting and warping when exposed to moisture and heat.

Moreover, they don’t have the same maintenance requirements and are perfect for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance option for their home. Since they provide a cost-saving alternative to their original, manufactured doorway bodies are generally less expensive to produce.

In reality, even the most costly veneers may still come out cheaper than solid timber. The common engineered door materials are chipboard, MDF, and laminated wood pieces. Yet, every factory has its method of manufacture.




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What are the Most Common Types of Engineered Wood?

Engineered wood consists of a selection of derivative wood products. The standard process of manufacture involves binding or fixing wood strands, particles, fibres, veneers, or boards altogether via glueing or other forms of fixation.

The result is a composite material of different types, each with its pros and cons. It’s important to note that these products follow precise design specifications no matter their field of application.


Famous as the “original engineered wood product”, plywood is a result of the bonding of cross-laminated veneer with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives.

The alternation of the veneer grain direction from layer to layer (also known as “cross-orienting” or “cross-ply”) makes this material extraordinarily robust and stiff. Contrary to expectations, plywood makes for a cheap and brilliant alternative to wood.

Particleboard (LDF)

Particleboard, or chipboard, is an inexpensive engineered product made by bonding wood chips and shavings using a synthetic resin to create dense pieces of working material.

Such material is exceptionally famous in the production of low-cost doors and furniture for brands like IKEA. Manufacturers refer to particle board as low-density fiberboard (LDF). Last but not least, its typical surfacing is of different types of veneer

Fiberboard (MDF and HDF)

Unlike particleboard, fiberboard uses hardwood and softwood residuals combined with wax and a resin binder. The result is either medium-density (MDF) or high-density fiberboard (HDF) panels.

Arguably MDF is one of the most popular materials for all types of furniture and doors. As it’s generally denser than plywood and chipboard, adding a veneer surface may make it quite hard to tell the veneered MDF and solid wood door apart.


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What are the Advantages of Engineered Wood?

One of the biggest pros of engineered wood products is their high workability. Because they are human-made, these components allow for fully customizable design, giving manufacturers massive freedom in terms of shape and dimension.

Moreover, buyers can make the most of this versatility by choosing a wide array of thicknesses, sizes, grades, as well as durability classifications. Such a feature gives these materials a virtually unlimited number of applications.

Furthermore, manufactured products are an essential enhancement of the natural strength and durability of wood. It’s safe to say that some types of engineered timber offer greater structural strength than conventional lumber.

On top of that, there are way more design options without significant changes in terms of structure. Finally, more people consider this type of material as a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of using up the leftovers of robust timber processing.


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What are the Disadvantages of Engineered Wood?

Of course, some drawbacks come with the use of such a human-made component. The biggest one is probably higher manufacturing energy requirements.

In the long run, this disadvantage may counter the fact that factories produce engineered wood from leftover wood pieces and particles. As mentioned previously, the production of engineered wood involves the use of adhesives. Some of them can be extremely toxic as they release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the finished product.

In most cases, we’re talking about urea-formaldehyde bonded items. Either way, cutting and working with these elements exposes workers to various respiratory and other health risks.

Last but not least, it’s important to note that manufactured wood doors may not be suitable for outdoor use. Contrary to popular belief, they may prove to be far weaker and more prone to humidity than their wood equivalents. For instance, most chipboard and MDF doors may readily soak up water, which may result in warping.


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What’s a membrane door?

Membrane doors are relatively unknown to Singapore but are very popular in neighbouring countries like India. They are a combination of HDF moulded and solid flush doors.

The manufacturing process involves overlaying polyvinyl chloride membrane on the material surface, which helps to prevent shrinking, swelling, or cracking.

The result is a door with decent fire resistance and excellent durability and low maintenance requirements. Its woodgrain makes for a realistic replica of original solid wood, which makes the impression of an expensive doorway. This makes it a popular choice for fire-rated doors.

Still, membrane doorways offer a limited selection of colours compared to other types of doors. Also, homeowners have to be extremely specific with their choice of size and dimension as membrane door pieces do not allow further alterations after installing them.


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Solid vs. Engineered Wood

Nowadays, there’s a common misconception that solid wood doors are far better than engineered ones—however, the latter showcase quite similar properties in some respects. What’s more, there are some categories in which engineered doorways are superior.


Solid wood doors are more expensive than their rivals. Of course, some people might assume that manufactured doors cost more just because they involve more engineering in their production process.

The truth is that the best solid timber door pieces come from expensive hardwood of several centimetre thicknesses. In comparison, engineered doors may use only a few millimetres of the same species, while the core is of far less expensive wood.

Moreover, let’s not forget the fact that the latter timber is usually from leftover parts of a tree. Engineered doors find a use for all small branches and knots to provide a cheaper and, ultimately, more environmentally-friendly alternative to natural wood.

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In terms of performance, the quality of engineered doors depends solely on the manufacturer. Sometimes, lousy veneer application tends to show flaws within a few months of use.

Most of the time, we’re talking about blemishes, which are extremely difficult to remove. Luckily, professional factories carry out the painstaking production process to create items as good as their solid-wood counterparts.

The best thing about engineered doors with veneering provides efficient resistance to warping – perhaps, the most significant disadvantage of solid timber doors.

The latter may suffer from fluctuations in the surrounding temperature and humidity due to the expansions and contractions of the natural material.

This drawback may cause a permanent change in the shape of the wooden door. Still, there’s a relatively easy solution to this issue – applying wax or polish is enough to provide temporary protection against moisture and warping.


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Energy Efficiency

Perhaps, a crucial factor to consider when choosing the main door is its thermal value convection ratio. In this case, even the smallest crack or difference of a single millimetre on the sides of the door may be crucial to its energy efficiency.

What’s more, warping can cause a huge problem, so it’s a good idea to rely on warp-resistant materials. For this reason, it’s safe to say that modern engineered main entrances may prove more worthy because they offer relatively better thermal performance than their solid counterparts.

Since the components in the core run in different directions, they can effortlessly distribute the applied stress evenly through the layers. As a result, they become highly resistant to warping.


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By far, engineered doors look like they have leverage on their rivals. However, they have one huge disadvantage that can make them obsolete.

Homeowners often find about it after they first install such a door, and later on, they decide to treat it or attempt to dismount it. The thin surface layer isn’t thick enough to withstand sanding and trying it can have a horrendous impact on its look.

Usually, engineered veneer doors have a layer of high-quality wood on the side of the entry called “lipping”. It comes in various thicknesses, and the idea is to allow adjustments to the edge for further fitting into the frame without damaging the look of the door.

On the other hand, solid wood doors don’t require any lipping thanks to the consistency of the material throughout the piece. This feature allows professionals and homeowners to adjust such doors freely and without worrying about breaking out a belt-sander.


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Are Composite doors better than Aluminium?

Door frame materials are very important as it reflects the performance features and aesthetics of the door. There is a wide range of materials you can select from, including aluminium, engineered and solid wood, uPVC, and composite. Here is a comparison of the materials using a few criteria; Strength, Durability, Maintenance, Insulation resistance, aesthetics and cost.







Very Strong

Less Strong

Least Strong


Can bend and expand, shape can be compromised due to elements (e.g Heat)

Not prone to wear.

There is a risk of expanding and contracting.

Susceptible to wear. Will discolour overtime. Risk of expand and contract.


Required. Discolouration and rotting might occur

Rarely necessary. Minimal cleaning.

Reasonably low maintenance.

Low maintenance too. But tend to look worn.

Insulation resistance

Good insulator.

High quality with excellent efficiency.

Reasonable thermal efficiency.

Less thermal effective compared to the rest.


Traditional looking, wide range of designs

Wide range of colour and style. Looks sleek and contemporary

Design option are limited. Often available in a wide range of colour.

Discolour over time. Least aesthetically pleasing.


Varies based on quality, but comparable to aluminium.

Higher cost compared to uPVC or composite.

Cheaper than aluminium.

Considerably the most cost-friendly option.

Fiberglass vs Steel Doors

It is possible for the occurrences of doors to get kicked, slammed, and exposed to critical temperature changes over time. Comparatively, some materials are more durable and longer-lasting than others. It is easier to mitigate many of these issues by installing a fibreglass or steel entry door. Both doors are more energy-efficient than wood. Steel doors are a reliable choice as it is almost impossible to be kicked in or sawed through, whereas Fiberglass is the least sturdy door option.

The drawback of steel doors is that they tend to become dented and scratched more easily than fibreglass or wood. They are susceptible to heat and cold, depending on how extreme the outside temperature could be. Most homeowners choose to paint these types of doors with a light colour to prevent them from absorbing excessive heat.

Laminate – A Stylish Modern Door Surface

When choosing doors, homeowners often rely on recommendations from retailers and friends or solely on looks. The abundance of door designs and styles on the market can be quite overwhelming, and that may be just one of the reasons why buyers get confused.

Still, there are two trendy internal door finishes, suitable for modern HDB flats, condos and landed properties – laminates and natural veneers. Read on to get a more detailed insight into the pros and cons of the trendy laminate door surfaces.

What is Laminate?

Laminate is a widespread material known for its durability and affordability. It’s the result of pressing together different layers of heavy-duty paper with melamine to form a resin of solid veneer.

This surface allows for the application of various thin decorative overlays, which makes laminate incredibly customizable.
Virtually, manufacturers can print any type of design, regardless.

The final touch involves adding a layer of a protective coating. For enhanced strength, the production process usually includes attaching the laminate to a substrate, consisting of fiberboard or chipboard that form the core. The ready product is then applicable to all types of furniture, including doors.

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What’s the Difference between High-pressure and Low-pressure Laminate?

In terms of classification, there are two varieties of laminate – high-pressure laminate (HPL) and low-pressure laminate (LPL).

The words relate to the process of bonding the laminate to the substrate core. The main difference is that HPL products use adhesives.

Also, LPL products have to withstand relatively higher heating temperatures than their counterparts. Both components are durable, but LPL is generally less expensive thanks to the low-cost manufacturing process.


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What are the Advantages of Laminate Doors?


The biggest perk of having a laminate door is that the woodgrain effect may show incredible consistency with the rest of the interior.

Achieving a cohesive appearance is an integral part of every remodelling project, so a laminate door is bound to give a uniform look to any room that may work with various design themes.


Another advantage of laminate doors is that they offer a practical alternative to solid wood thanks to their durability and hardwearing finish. These doorways are flame retardant, which makes them ideal for HDB main doors. Because of the polymer film cover, all laminate entryways have decent water resistance and are incredibly durable against stains and scratching. Moreover, some of the models have antibacterial properties.


Having to paint or varnish each door regularly may be an annoying task. Therefore, laminate doors provide a practical solution. They come pre-finished and do not require any polishing – all you have to do is to mount them, and you’re ready to go.


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For those who are into contemporary looks, laminate doorways offer endless colour and design options. This feature allows buyers to fully customize their main and interior doors,  without being limited to a specific spectrum of shades and configurations.

Easy maintenance

Given it doesn’t face direct sunlight, a laminate door may look brand new for years. Apart from the effortless installation, these entryways are easy to clean with a simple microfiber cloth.


Finally, an essential characteristic of laminates is that they are affordable and provide excellent value. Even though they may use relatively cheap materials, these doorways are elegant and are bound to make a statement.

What are the Disadvantages of Laminate Doors?

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages that these doors have. For example, they don’t allow sanding and staining. Also, they aren’t a match to solid hardwood when it comes to strength.

On top of that, the replicated woodgrain may not be everyone’s cup of tea. No matter how good the quality of the material, the feel and look aren’t the same as the real deal.

What’s more, the brittle nature of the laminate increases the risk of clipping. This feature makes the repairing of laminate doors nearly impossible.

As mentioned above, laminated doorways release toxic compounds. This may pose a threat to the residents’ health. Last but not least, the recycling of such doors is next to impossible, which makes them an unlikely option for those who want to be environmentally friendly.


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What is the best entry doors?

Door security is the main rationale for everyone. There are two main concerns for consideration: the door material and the type of lock. The strength of a door is closely dependent on the quality of the lock and frame.

The solid wooden door is solid and sturdy and provides security. But it can still collapse if it has an unfirm latch style locking or loose frame. The limitation of a wooden door is the need for consistent maintenance, such that It maintains the materials’ integrity while remaining impenetrable.

A uPVC door is not compatible with a lock fitted unless it is designed and made beforehand. This result in you not having the flexibility to add additional locks to your door for extra security.

Composite doors were created to overcome the drawbacks of other single-material doors, and they offer excellent security.

A reinforced steel door frame and a solid hardwood internal frame are among the materials used in this door. The door is made of glass-reinforced plastic, which is a durable material, and the combination of materials makes it a dependable door that can withstand brute force. In terms of quality and security, a composite door is considered one of the safest front doors.

What are this year’s trends?

Decorating trends for 2021

When choosing a bedroom door, many people think of the colour before anything else. And they’re not mistaken. Ultimately, your door colour should blend in perfectly into the interior of your bedroom. Typically, interior designers divide the shades of the door leaf into three main categories – light, dark and bright.

Of course, each category has its pros and cons, and they may fit in different interior styles. For example, you’d want a more neutral colour for small HDB bedrooms because they will make for a more spacious look. Moreover, neutrals serve as a good background for bright elements like upholstered furniture or various decorative items. As a result, a white door will create a perfect contrast.

Hang matching wall lights

In recent years, research shows an increasing trend for matching bedside wall lights. This is an organized and elegant styling approach that perfect the lighting in your bedroom, making it both a decorative and functional addition. In lighting aspects, Bold lampshades are a popular choice, whether bold in terms of colour, patterns or a combination of both. In view of choosing wall lights, there is greater demand for brighter, more vibrant shade varieties. Individuals are encouraged to build their confidence in having fun with decorating his or her bedroom. Bedroom light decoration helps to visually maximise the space too.

Embrace Nostalgia & Traditionalism

In Singapore’s fast-paced living environment, individuals seek comfort and relaxation when they returned home. With this selection ranging heavy floral patterns to wallpapers and antique china, millennials are incorporating old school design trends with a new twist to beautify their modern home. As compared to the all-white and minimalistic designs, this trend is of huge contrast. Millennial style is a unique representation of young homeowners, it is a showcase of their individuality and creativity. Having traditional art pieces or designs brings about an immediate effect to make your home feel welcoming.

Bring in the outdoors

Although this is not a new interior design trend but it continues to stay very relevant to our current situation. Now, as we are staying home more often, it’s a wonderful choice to incorporate both the outdoors and indoors. To start off, houseplants are a perfect choice to inject some greenery into your homes – it will create a soothing effect on yourself, especially after a long and stressful day of work. Moreover, there are many potential health benefits: medical studies have proven that houseplants can improve one’s mood, help reduce fatigue and improve his focus.

Create a work from home station

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is encouraged to either work or study from home. This has become the default mode of choice. For 2021, it is an ideal recommendation for everyone to design their own permanent working space at home. Fret not, there are different desk ideas out in the market to accommodate different home spaces. If it is a small area, you can try having a wall-mounted desk or even foldable tables that you can easily store away at the end of the day.


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On the other hand, dark shades can also help create contrast. What’s more, some variations, such as wenge, look quite luxurious so they may be a good option for an elegant bedroom door.

Usually, designers recommend combining dark-coloured doors with light walls. To emphasize the clarity and geometry, they also recommend matching the door shade with the furniture palette for a successful harmony between the doorway and the rest of the room.

Last but not least, bright doors are an unlikely option for bedrooms, but they’re handy if you want to make a statement. Just make sure you repeat the shade in other interior elements such as curtains, pieces of furniture, or small décor items. This way, you’ll create a unique and harmonious space in your interior.


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Other considerations

To conclude, following a set of basic rules will further enhance your understanding of the topic. The following suggestions will make your choice much more reliable, and most of all, you’ll find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

For instance, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to have doors with different widths. However, you should keep their height the same. So, when choosing a bedroom door, you should keep the balance to make your addition seamless and matching the rest of your interior.

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Also, you’d benefit more by keeping the same energy throughout your entire home. In other words, selecting a bedroom door style that corresponds to the rest of your interior doors will eliminate the sense of chaos in your interior. Still, you can create a unique transition to your chamber by implementing various decorative elements like stained glass inserts.

As for wood, you can have your bedroom entryway decorated with carvings of high-quality design for the ideal accent to your sleeping cove. Of course, such manual work will possibly hurt your pocket, but you’ll surely be more than content with the result. Hiring a bedroom door contractor to ask for advice and complete the work for you is a smart choice if you have an additional budget during the renovation.


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How to Pick the Perfect Bedroom Door

Sometimes, revamping your old interior with a new look may require some changes. In some cases, you may need a whole-house renovation. You can quickly avoid this by installing brand new windows and a bedroom door. Out of all elements in a room, they make the most significant impact.

That’s why it’s vital to pay explicit attention to your bedroom door during your home improvement project. This way, you’ll save valuable time and money, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

But before you make your purchase, you must find a visually appealing entryway. That task can turn out to be more difficult than you’ve expected because there’s an endless number of designs, materials, and colours on offer.

You should also take into consideration things like price, installation, and other features. Most of all, you’d want a well-rounded functional bedroom door with aesthetic appeal. To help you make a reasonable choice, we’ve compiled some useful tips that will make your task more enjoyable.

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Are bedroom sets outdated in 2021?

To entirely revamp a room, one biggest concerns is the search for coordinating furniture for your space. Getting a bedroom set is the safest choice if one does not have a clear preference. While they may seem a little outdated, they are still a viable option for your home especially if you are looking for something which will stand the test of time.

What are the stylish bedroom sets?

Every individual’s taste and preference differs, and there is no single style that is a one size fits all. According to market research, the top 7 most popular bedroom sets are illustrated below; Wood is certainly one of the best hits.

  1. Mid-Century Set
  2. Simple Wood
  3. Wood and Metal
  4. Black Faux Leather
  5. Black and Red
  6. Vintage velvet
  7. Wooden platform Bed Set

Determine the operational style

First and foremost, it’s crucial to pick a door style with a mechanism that will best suit your needs. In other words, there’s plenty of choice in terms of doorway type. For example, your small HDB bedroom might benefit from different space-saving solutions like sliding, pocket, or folding bedroom doors.

If you don’t have space restrictions, you can go for the more conventional swinging types like panel and flush doors. Doors that swing on hinges or pivots are generally more affordable and easier to install.

If you have replaced your bedroom door recently, your frame may be well-preserved and doesn’t require changing. In this case, it would be more practical to change only the door.

Moreover, you’ll find it easier to install a pre-hung door as it will reduce the risk of installation mistakes to a great extent. Still, you may want to change the existing frame to avoid mismatches in styles and colours.

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Determine the size of the opening

Measuring the door size doesn’t look complicated at all. However, there are some steps that only skilled door contractors know. For this reason, it’s best to hire a door company to have your door measured to ensure the proper measurement of the frame and entry piece will make for an easy installation.

Decide on the swing direction

Doors with swing mechanisms require accurately determining the swing direction for the most convenient rest spot. Typically, you’d want your bedroom door to end up against a wall, without being in the way of windows or furniture. According to the Feng Shui practice, a door should open inwards to show hospitality.

Another consideration is the position of the door handle. If the door should swing inwards and to the left, go for a left-hand door. If it opens to the right, pick a right-hand door. Of course, both factors depend on your needs and preferences. Ultimately, you’d want your door to operate smoothly without obstructing access and banging into furniture.

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Pick a material

Furthermore, you will have to carefully choose the door material as it will define the overall look of your bedroom. The most popular bedroom door materials are wood and MDF.

Different metals, fibreglass, and uPVC are also common, and depending on your preferences, you may opt for glazing. Glass will make your bedroom doorway stylish and unique, especially if you go for stained or frosted glass.

Finally, a solid wood door would be the best solution for your bedroom if you’re looking for a classic variant for your bedroom entrance. It’s common in homes where there’s a need for quality sound and thermal insulation.

Choose a finish

While materials like steel and fibreglass doors may come pre-finished, wood doors often require additional care. Since wood doors are your most likely option, you should make sure they last long.

To make this happen, you must apply a protective finishing. It may be transparent to highlight the natural colour of the wood. You can also pick a different shade of stain to match the overall design of your bedroom interior.


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