Guide to Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

Having troubles in deciding what and how much to set aside to renovate your kitchen? Home renovation can be intimidating especially for first-time homeowners.

As first-time homeowners, you may be overwhelmed by the number of ideas and different potential layouts of how your kitchen can be like. However, every feature that you add into your design will definitely incur money, as such sticking to your budget is important to ensure that you do not overspend.

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Firstly, have a rough gauge of how much you are willing to set aside for your kitchen renovation. It is good to have a range so that you can ensure that the design and layout that you want can be accommodated as much as possible.

Next, you can look up interior design catalogues to have a rough idea for your kitchen design. Good platforms to check out include sites such as Pinterest or Qanvast, which often offers top interior design trends that you can follow.

If you are an avid cooker and love to spend time in the kitchen whipping out meals, you will probably consider having a relatively large kitchen so as to accommodate all your kitchen appliances.

Hiring a Kitchen Contractor

A kitchen contractor is a professional who will help you with your kitchen renovation project. They will advise you on the best way to remodel and refurbish your kitchen – from how to make the most cost-effective choices to tips on maximising kitchen space.

For first-time homeowners who lack experience, it may be ideal to engage a kitchen contractor. While costly, can be an important investment. With a kitchen contractor’s keen eye, you won’t need to face the stress of renovating your kitchen alone or making costly and frequently irreversible mistakes.

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Best Kitchen Layouts

If you’re an avid cook, you’ll definitely want a beautiful and spacious kitchen to spend time cooking in. Here are a few designs that are in trend right now!

The Minimalist

Sleek and simple. With a minimalist interior design, you are thinking of neutral palette schemes such as white, grey and black. The minimalist design has got to be one of the most timeless designs anyone can have.

It not only ensures that your kitchen design stands the test of time, but if you are someone who hates clutter and just want a clean and clear space for you to work your magic in the kitchen, then this is definitely the choice for you.

Dbrain European 3 - Guide to Starting Your Kitchen Renovation
A minimalistic kitchen designed by D’Brain Studio.

Zen space

If you love the look and feel of Japanese homes with a light wooden touch or the MUJI store look, you are definitely looking at the zen-kind of space for your kitchen.

The wood accents not only enhances the natural light in your kitchen, but also brightens your kitchen space to give it a neat and clean look. Incorporating wood flooring into your kitchen design can also add a sense of cosiness and homeliness to your kitchen.

Blk770YishunAve3 Casa 1024x684 - Guide to Starting Your Kitchen Renovation
A clean and cosy kitchen designed by Casa Interior Design Pte Ltd.

The Chic

This theme and design is the epitome of luxury. Think white walls and marble floors, which are sure to make your kitchen appear even more spacious. The reflective surfaces will help to visually enhance your kitchen and give it the impression of a larger space.

Consider what kind of look you want to carry off with your kitchen cabinet design – we recommend black colonial-style cabinets with a gold accent. A dark-coloured cabinet will help to ground your kitchen against the lighter-coloured floors and walls and add weight to space.

4BedroomHDBSengkang Beaux - Guide to Starting Your Kitchen Renovation
A chic and classy kitchen designed by Ban Yew Interior Design.


The Scandinavian interior design is a popular choice these days among new young homeowners. But it is not surprising considering how the layout and design give you a cosy and home-like feel.

With a bit of mural wall design or floor design, along with wooden accents and a few pots of flowers, you can create a warm and aesthetic kitchen at home!

273D Punggol Place FifthAve 1024x683 - Guide to Starting Your Kitchen Renovation
A country-like Scandinavian style kitchen designed by Fifth Avenue Interior Design.

Cost of Kitchen Renovation

Renovating can be costly especially since the kitchen has so many other aspects that include plumbing and electric. As such, it is smart and wise to look around and source out the best package deal for the renovation.

Usually, kitchen renovation packages generally include works for both the kitchen and bathroom(s). This is a popular choice among homeowners.

The various factors affecting the cost of the kitchen renovation includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Size of your kitchen
  2. Materials needed for the construction – i.e cabinets & shelves
  3. Quality of the sink and kitchen top you are getting
  4. Flooring

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Flooring and carpentry works are the main culprits for driving up your renovation cost as such be sure to have a clear idea of what you want (what you can compromise and make do) if you want to save those extra pennies.

Further, it is wise to account for the plumbing and electrical work needed before the renovation starts as this will add to your budget.

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In certain cases, the plumbing and electrical work will be accounted into the renovation package that you signed. But if you would prefer to source for your own, that is definitely an option. As such be sure to discuss the details regarding the work that needs to be done prior to signing the contract.

Tips before starting your kitchen renovation

#1: Have a rough idea/ theme that you would like your kitchen design to be

This makes the planning and designing process easier not only for yourself but also for the kitchen designer.

For example, kitchen cabinets can have a profound impact on the aesthetic of your home. Spend some time thinking about the colour and design you want them in so you can further consult your kitchen designer.

With improvements in technology and design, today’s cabinets can have extra features installed – from built-in lights to space-saving hooks.

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#2: Be sure to be in close contact with your renovation contractor

This is to ensure that you are clear and filled in with all the information and details needed leading up to and during the renovation process.

Also, this is important in avoiding any miscommunication or misunderstanding as your renovation contractor may have already made the arrangement such as hiring an electrician or plumber.

In any case, if you already have the design in mind and only require manpower to execute your plans, you may consider hiring general contractors or handymen to do the job for you. Head on to our portal and find a suitable company for your home today!

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#3: Find the right appliances for your kitchen

With the crux of the layout and design down, all that is left is the details – your kitchen equipment and appliances. You would want your entire kitchen design to be uniform and as such that includes the appliances that you would be purchasing.

This is important as this could add the needed details lacking from the background of your kitchen layout for that wow factor.

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#4: Save space in your kitchen

Nobody likes a cluttered and cramped kitchen. Having sufficient space is key to a comfortable and cosy kitchen.

However, not everyone has the luxury of a large and spacious kitchen. That is why efficient space-saving tips are useful.

For example, to save space in the kitchen, you can:

  • Make use of the walls. Install hooks on them so that you can hang your most-frequently-used kitchen appliances for convenience and added space.
  • If you have snacks and fruits lying on the counter, consider storing them in a storage box with a lid for a clutter-free appearance.

For more general tips on how to maximise storage in your home, you should also consider engaging in storage space companies.

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Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas

You can check out the cost of hiring professionals for other aspects of your home improvement project. If you have a spare budget and would like some unique designs of your own, you can try speaking to a few interior designers or reliable renovation companies for more designs ideas.

Some of the usual home improvement cost guides can be found below:

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